FREE WEBINAR – 5 Keys To Better Online Copy

Are you confident that the copy your write online in your blog posts, sales pages and event social media sites is effective in helping you attract more leads and customers?

In this webinar Krishna De (BizGrowthNews.com) and Ann Donnelly (e-business.ie) will share best practice tips for writing effective online copy.

They will be covering 5 key tips for writing effective online copy including:

  • Why copy writing matters in your online marketing – the key differences between writing copy for your online marketing and offline marketing
  • Tips for developing your call to action for your sales page, your online video, your Facebook Page and your Tweets and how simple changes will boost your website conversions, lead generation and sales
  • and a few participants will have the opportunity to receive feedback from Ann and Krishna about your on your online copy live on the webinar.

So if you want to make sure that your online copy writing converts your website traffic into leads and customers you do not want to miss this free event.

This webinar is aimed at entrepreneurs and business leaders who want to learn about how to boost their lead generation and sales through writing more effective online copy.

You can register at http://bgn.bz/dtn11 and the Twitter hashtags are #bocwebinar #dtn11

More information about this unique webinar click here or connect with Krishna online at http://www.Facebook.com/KrishnaDe and connect with Ann online at http://www.Facebook.com/omdebusiness

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