Access Wicklow County Council meetings via live captions

Here’s an unusual and inclusive use of technology and the internet. We’d love to hear about other county councils with innovative approaches to accessibility issues that they experience.

Premier Captioning & Realtime will be providing live captions to the internet of Wicklow County Council meeting on Monday 9th May from 2pm. The captions can be viewed on www.seewritenow.ie. This service is available for all monthly Council meetings.

Live captioning makes the Council meetings accessible to those with a hearing impairment, people using English as their second language and for those that cannot attend in person.

Premier Captioning & Realtime are contracted by Wicklow County Council to provide this service but you can contact them directly for more information at info@pcr.ie or 087 6988146 (texts).

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  1. Maeve O'Rourke says:

    Thank you to all who contacted me directly to leave such positive feedback for this event. Live captions not only provide an accessibility service for those with a hearing loss, it also capture your event in text format, giving it an added SEO factor.

    Thanks again to Digitise the Nation team.


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