Digitise the Nation: get involved

In 2010 the Irish Internet Association launched a new initiative called Digitise the Nation run in conjunction with Silicon Republic.

We liked it so much that we’re doing it again! And it wouldn’t be nothing, as the song goes, without YOU!

Digitise the Nation runs from May 9th 2011 to May 13th 2011. It is a week of free (or cheap!) events to help get everyone online; to digitise the nation.

We want to reach businesses, consumers, students, children, teenagers, parents,  grandparents and their pets. Okay maybe not the pets so much.

This is an opportunity for every one of our members to bring their skills and capabilities to the very widest audience, showing everyone how the internet can be used to communicate with friends and family, transact business to business and business to consumer; how it can be used for education, self-development, career improvement, social interaction, fundraising and raising awareness and campaigns on local issues. This is a chance to show how the internet can make life easier, more fulfilling and more fun. We can show people that the internet is the ultimate communication medium and that communication isn’t one-way or two-way but every way!

So if you would like to get involved and run an event in your area please fill out this form. In this form we ask you for contact details, some details about your proposed event and your preferred date for your event.

The event can be a one off event or part of a series. It can be a brand new event, developed for Digitise the Nation, or it can be a longstanding event given a DTN11 twist.

Please contact Roseanne Smith, IIA Membership Manager, at members@iia.ie or 01 542 4154, to discuss your ideas or if you have any other queries.

You can also keep up to the minute about this initiative by following the DTN11 hashtag on Twitter, liking the IIA on Facebook or subscribe on your right for email updates or RSS feeds.

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