One to one SEO Clinic

Leslie Gilmour of Cube Online Marketing completed our Digitise the Nation application form and is offering the following great FREE Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) opportunity:

“I would like to give 5 people the opportunity to have their web site reviewed by me for SEO.

You can either do this online using Go to Meeting, (which I will supply), or you can come into my office, or use just plain old telephone.  This will be a 30 minute quick review of your website and what you can do easily to improve your rankings in Google and get more visitors on your website.”

Leslie writes on his own blog why he is motivated to participate in Digitise the Nation.

“In my head I like the idea of community.  It is one of the few reasons I turn up at church occasionally.  It is too easy for me to moan about the lack of community feeling and harder for me to do something about it.  This is my little contribution for May 2011.”

When asked who should sign up for his SEO workout he said:

“Anyone who want to improve their knowledge of SEO, but it would be of most benefit to people who have some understanding of websites.”

You can book a half hour session with Leslie by email at leslie@cubeonlinemarketing.ie or by phone 01 685 3995. This event is free but Leslie encourages you to donate about €10 to Barnardos.

Thanks Leslie!

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