Social Media Surgery, Drimnagh

Social media surgeries? What are they? Drimnagh is holding a social media surgery to provide free, informal lessons on how to blog, tweet & use Facebook as part of the IIA Digitise the Nation in May.

It is open to anyone living in the Drimnagh area & the aim is to learn about social media in a relaxed, fun and friendly environment.

The surgeries are totally free. Yes free! & the purpose is to help people become familiar with digital media & start using it to stay in touch with friends or family. Social media is also a great tool to help promote your local business, to campaign more effectively & for community groups to advertise events.

If you want to set up an on-line blog we can advise you which are the best platforms for you. If you have one and need some help we can do that too, if you are a social media regular, then you can come along to network and help out.

The main point is it is fun and free. Nobody is in charge it is a collective of like minded people who want to help other people use social media tools whether that be blogs, Twitter or even Facebook!

For more information visit http://socialmediasurgery.com/surgeries/drimnagh
A social media surgery is a pretty informal gathering of people who want to learn how to use the web to communicate, campaign or collaborate. They are deliberately relaxed. You will get to sit alongside someone on the internet and they’ll show you useful free tools. If you like what you see they can also help you set up your blog, or Facebook page or Twitter account. Most social media surgeries have an event every few weeks, so you can keep coming back for help. So if you are from a community or voluntary group and want to learn how to use the social web, please come along.

For more details contact Pauline Sargent at sargent.p@gmail.com

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